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Benjamin Lee - Market Psychologist

Trading Street is delighted to bring to our stable of experts an individual who is destined to become the next “Master Market Psychologist”; Benjamin Lee of ThinkTradeThink.com.  Understanding the institutional trading mindset, and therefore enlightening the “average trader” to the pathways trod by true working professional traders is Trading Street’s mission.  With the addition of Mr. Lee, the Members at trading Street will benefit greatly from having an analyst ready and willing to assist in learning the Pro Trader mindset.

Every pro-jock trader must be a bit of a psychologist in their own right, but few have made it their life’s work and dedication to improving the excellence of traders worldwide. Armed with a lifetime of observation, trading, studying and understanding the trading mindset, Benjamin Lee can help you defy the odds that make well over 90% of the “retail” trading public fail completely. Trading Street would like very much to present Benjamin Lee in his own words:

I am fortunate to say that I have the opportunity to wake up every morning and do what I love.  I’m in an exceptional situation in which I can combine three things I’m passionate about: Trading, Teaching and Maximizing Human Potential. Trading allows me to compete against the best and brightest minds in the world every single day. Trading also challenges me to keep up with the ever-changing and evolving market.  I also enjoy that trading has an unlimited income potential for those who figure out how the market works.  When I was a young boy, I always wanted to teach.  I wanted to have the opportunity to impact the lives of my pupils through teaching, and now I can help traders maximize their personal potential through psychology that manifests in their lives and trading….

Suffice it to say that the still relatively young Benjamin Lee brings a lifetime of dedication to our membership and the trading public. This rare individual brings these credentials to bear:

  • 8-Years Professional trading Experience
  • Stocks
  • Options
  • Futures
  • Forex
  • Trades 2 Hedge Funds
  • Trades His Own Personal Account
  • Has Traded Positions in Excess of 1 Million Shares
  • Bachelor’s in Finance
  • MBA in Entrepreneurship
  • Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Come visit Mr. Lee in Trading Street’s Lab to gain further information on the man, his system, and how he might very well provide that missing piece from your personal trading puzzle. Bring an open mind, and come sharpen your mental edge here today - Live Trading Lab

I am a firm believer in giving back as much as I can and now I am here to give you some of the knowledge I’ve acquired.  I’m here to help better your trading and hopefully improve your lives through it.  It is my commitment to you.

Benjamin Lee


The Affluence AdvantEDGE: Unleash The Millionaire Trader Within You - Home Study Course


If you’ve been struggling and your trading isn’t where you expect it to be, The Affluence AdvantEDGE is the missing piece of the puzzle.  Do you have the necessary systems and framework to ensure you bring the best version of yourself every single trading day?  If not, The Affluence AdvantEDGE will provide you everything you need to propel your trading to the next level.  The Affluence AdvantEDGE is the culmination of years of research, experience and a significant amount of trial and error.  Once you’ve internalized your trading system, trading is 80% psychology and 20% mechanics and execution.  This is why over 90% of traders fail to realize until it’s too late.  You cannot rely solely on your trading system because you are still the one that needs to press the button.  All of your fears, bad experiences, and your relationship with success and money will flash before your eyes as your execute that trade.  The Affluence AdvantEDGE will help you eliminate those obstacles and give you that extra edge over your competition.
Here’s How You’ll Find Your EDGE!

  • In Module 1: Destroying Limiting Beliefs, you’ll uncover the limiting beliefs that have been holding you back and show you strategies to eliminating those beliefs and replace them with more empowering ones.
  • In Module 2: Creating Emotional Leverage, you’ll discover the importance of leverage in your life and you can use it to launch you towards your goals.  You’ll also learn the importance of balancing your analytical and emotional minds and how to minimize the threat of an emotional hijacking when you’re trading.
  • In Module 3: Building Your Blueprint, you’ll learn how to create a framework and systems to keep you and your trading account safe.
  • In Module 4: Taming The Fear Monster, you’ll understand the importance of measuring the amount of risk you take on in your trading.  You’ll be able to calculate your risk-reward ratio, recognize how volatility plays an important role in how much risk you should take, and create a risk management system that will prevent you from blowing up your account.
  • In Module 5: Perfection Is The Enemy, you’ll see how thinking in probabilities will significantly improve your trading.  You’ll also realize how your need for certainty stops you from every becoming a successful trader, learn how to develop your self-discipline and implement a reward system.
  • In Module 6: Sixty To Strength, you’ll create and implement a routine that will put you in a peak mental and emotional state before you trade every morning.
  • In Module 7: Trading With Confidence, you’ll overcome the “doom mentality” many traders have and learn the best way to switch from SIM to Live trading.
  • In Module 8: Putting It All Together, you’ll take everything you’ve learned and practically apply it to your trading.  Also, I’ll provide you a 90-Day Action Plan to ensure your success!
  • In The Live Webinar Replays, you’ll integrate everything you’ve learned, see live case studies and gain additional insights.


One of the most difficult things that we can do is work on ourselves.  It is tough to look within and accept that we must change to improve our trading results.  We must be able to accept reality as it really is and still know that we can continuously evolve and become better traders.  If you’ve had experience with self-work and personal development, it makes it easier for you to go through the exercises in A Bet & A Victor and The Affluence AdvantEDGE.  There will be some exercises, strategies and mindsets that you’ll be familiar with.  If you haven’t had the experience or believe you’ll be better suited to use a coach that has been there before and that can help guide you along your trading journey, we can provide custom-tailored coaching solutions to launch your trading to the next level.

Here’s A Peek At Some Of The Material We’ll Cover:

  • Identifying & eliminating any limiting beliefs
  • Adopting empowering beliefs that will support you in your journey towards success
  • Utilizing emotional leverage to help propel you towards your goals
  • Integrating the parts within yourself that may be in conflict which could be holding your back
  • Generating a routine that will help you to maximize your psychology and emotional state every day
  • Creating a risk management system to ensure you don’t blow up your trading account
  • Implementing a daily trading plan to understand the contextual clues the market leaves every day
  • Purging any negative emotions or charge with past trading or life experiences
  • Learning how to overcome a trading loss
  • Detaching yourself from the outcome and money
  • Understanding the inner workings of the market
  • Evolving with the market and how to continuously grow as a trader
  • Producing a business plan to legitimize your trading
  • Discovering the importance of controlling your emotional states
  • Constructing a 90-Day Action Plan to remove any uncertainty and guide you to prosperity

Here Are Some Of The Trading Issues That You’ll Overcome:

  • Overtrading
  • Revenge trading
  • Missing great trades
  • Lack of self-control and discipline
  • Not understanding the context of the market
  • Letting small losses turn into large losses
  • Refusing to take a loss at all
  • Cutting your winners short
  • Bringing negative emotions from previous trades into current ones
  • Listening to too many people for advice
  • Not focusing on your trading psychology
  • Anxiety, fear or any negative emotions before, during and after a trade
  • A poor transition from SIM trading to live trading

Get everything, all 8 modules as well as all material outlined here for $1,497.00

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Do you consider yourself a poor, fair or good trader?  The vast majority of individual traders are probably only fair … making the occasional great trade, a few good ones, but a majority of them are either small losers or break even at best -- minus commissions, spreads, etc.
Why is this? There are many reasons why people do not make consistent winning trades, and it generally is not the complete fault of your trading system.  There is one tool that nearly everyone is lacking;  Self-Analysis.  This is also known as personal or self risk management, and is every bit as important as understanding your trading account’s risk.
Here are a few of the trading issues any individual must overcome:

  • Overtrading
  • Listening to the “noise” of too many underlying theories, systems or other traders
  • NOT focusing on the trader’s personal psychology - Ignoring the person pulling the trade-trigger 

Do any of those look familiar?
These all can be overcome by using some simple psychological tools offered by Benjamin Lee.  His system, the Affluence AdvantEDGE, and his book, A Bet & A Victor all have received rave reviews by users of all trading stripes.  Our suggestion to you is to sign up for a personal mentorship with Mr.  Leeand give the great trader within you a chance to break out.
Some of the material you can cover with Benjamin as your personal mentor:

  • Adopting empowering beliefs that will support you in your journey towards success
  • Utilizing emotional leverage to help propel you towards your goals
  • Generating a routine to help you to maximize your psychology and emotional state every day
  • Implementing a daily trading plan to understand the contextual clues the market gives you

We at Trading Street invite you to utilize this most important benefit of membership; accessing keen guidance.

  • Fill out the Trader Assessment to the best of your ability.  Find it HERE
  • Schedule an appointment with Benjamin Lee
  • Plot the best course of action to take your trading to that next level

Then:  learn – change – grow – evolve!
Become the trader you have always wanted to be, take advantage of what professional traders use to succeed.   Have a mentor to oversee your personal mindset, risk, and system. 

Contact Benjamin for a discount on a block of hours.

Buy your Benjamin Lee Mentoring Deposit for $500 ($500 per hour)

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Have all of the other trading psychology books you’ve ever read put you to sleep?  Did you feel you didn’t receive the value you were expecting and weren’t able to implement it into your trading?  If yes, A Bet &A Victor E-Book was designed to eliminate those inherent obstacles to better assist you in overcoming those challenges that stand in the way of your trading.  A Bet & A Victor was written like a parable to be entertaining, but most of all, educational.  You’ll follow the lead character, Victor, through his journey from struggling trader to empowered and consistently profitable trader.

After each chapter, there are commentaries and exercises that are specifically designed to help you get to the root of those issues that are holding you back in your trading.  Also, one of the most difficult hurdles in making positive change in your trading or your life is being emotionally connected.  One of the ways we’ve overcome this issue was to have you disassociate from your challenges by having you help Victor through his journey.  You’ll be able to provide great advice to Victor and then apply those lesson to your own trading.  Afterwards, we’ll ask you another series of questions that will help you reconnect with the obstacles that have been standing in your way so you can take action to eliminate them.
Here’s What You’ll Learn!

  • Identifying & destroying any limiting beliefs that may be holding you back from achieving your goals
  • Purging any disempowering patterns and replacing them with more empowering patterns
  • Connecting deeply with the reasons why you want to accomplish your goals
  • Learning to balance your analytical mind with your intuition
  • Understanding how to utilize emotions to positively affect your trading
  • Creating systems to increase your self-discipline
  • Discovering your peak emotional state and creating strategies to repeat that feeling
  • Learning strategies to remove the negative emotions from your trading
  • Learning strategies to bounce back from a loss
  • Learning how to disassociate with the money aspect of trading and being emotionally connected to the outcome
  • Learning the most effective method of visualization
  • Learning the best way to transition from simulated trading to live trading


Here’s What You Get &The Value You’ll Receive!
A Bet &A Victor E-Book: $250
One 30-Minute 1-on-1 Consultation: $250

Get this outstanding book with a $500 value all for $147.00

to order now!

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