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Larry Hannula - McHann Advisory Services

Larry Hannula: systems designer, trader, money manager, Strategist ‐ for Stock and Futures traders

Larry Hannula is a multi-decade veteran of the financial services industry, specifically the Chicago Futures Market. Like many professional traders, Larry began his career in finance as a runner on the CME floor. Working for Donaldson, Lufkin, & Jenrette (DLJ – soon to be Lehman Bros.) one of many merchant banks with a floor presence, he was asked to cover an important client, Swiss Bank– and began a 10-year stint running their currency desk on the floor. This cash-to-futures arbitrage proved to be lucrative, and also gave Larry an opportunity to move into his coveted role as a CME exchange member self-trading filling broker while running Swiss Bank’s Merc floor FX (Foreign Exchange) Futures desk.

The knowledge gained on the floor working with talented money managers, translated to practical experience that few types of professionals understand – much less parlay into the development of a business model. Thus began his building of an advisory business, McHann Advisory Services, which catered to proprietary traders with large institutions such as Barclays, Swiss Bank, JP Morgan, Lehman Bros, Nomura and ABN-AMRO. Mr. Hannula’s strategy development began on the exchange FX floor but would later apply beautifully to fixed income, futures and the equities markets when he was contracted to provide investment strategy for Cantor Fitzgerald’s prestigious New York operations groups.

By the mid-1990s Larry had parlayed his trade strategies into a global road show that took him from ABN-AMRO, a Netherlands global banking power, as their Chicago senior strategist, to halfway around the world as a consultant for the launch of a fund management structure in the Australian home office of Macquarie Bank Sydney a billion-dollar investment bank. Later in the 2000s, he began managing his company’s proprietary funds, and garnered a superb multi-year track record, but a one-two punch: the collapse of MF Global and PFG – his last account holders of that era – caused him, along with many other managers, to close his fund.

Taking needed time to refine his company’s advisory output simply means that his loss of institutional clientele has been a gain for Trading Street. Larry’s knowledgebase over the years has been based upon truly esoteric interpretations of market oscillators, to say the least. He has designed an algorithmically-based set of predicates that reduces chaos theory to either a positive or negative cyclical behavior – and defines how they translate to the directionality of financial markets during any defined period. Complicated theory? Of course: but like other great breakthroughs it comes down to the simple axiom he learned long ago on the trade floors: buy dips and sell rallies as the market oscillates. Never look back when booking a profit.

Today Mr. Hannula and his advisory service publish intraday, daily and weekly signals that are used to this day by institutional and high net worth individual traders the world over. Now, for the very first time as one of Trading Street’s expert contributors, he is making them available to the general public. He believes, as we strongly do, in the power of community and the strength of team building when approaching trading and investing. Traditionally, so much power has been concentrated in the hands of so few – which has often led to disastrous results in the investment community – leaving so many individuals and families with so little control over the use of their funds.

We here at Trading Street strongly believe in placing the power of information into the hands of the “regular” investing public, which is why we have special individuals such as Larry Hannula and his skillful interpretations in our house: to bring you, our revered patron, the most unique and effective trading tools in the world for the very first time in a single, multi-use, multi-class web destination.

Daily and Weekly Market Sheets
Index Weekly Sheets

Our Weekly Edition uses model based comprehensive overlay of Intermediate and Long Term technical studies. The once a weekend delivered sheet is designed to help IRA and longer term position traders by providing market postures, as well as oscillator driven levels for entry and exit points. We provide value added commentary by our strategist with his interpretation of the model driven oscillators for Intermediate and or Long Term position traders. The Longer Term commentary can be used as a great value added tool for our IRA clients who realize they are "Free to Choose" and want to take better control over their financial futures and allocation decisions. Click HERE to view an example.

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US Daily Index Sheets

Our model based overlay provides Intraday, Daily and Intermediate term technical studies. The Daily product is delivered as a “Morning Meeting” as well as “Special Notes” delivered during the day when any special levels or technical set ups manifest themselves provided by our strategist based on his interpretation of the model driven oscillators. The Sheet delivers commentary and levels such as Intraday Buy and Sell Levels, Daily Buy and Sell Levels and Weekly Buy and Sell Levels that can be used by shorter term and daily traders...... Click HERE to see an example

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Global Index Daily Overnight

Technical comments on Major Global Indexes; our model based overlay of the Intraday, Daily and Intermediate term technical studies for Asian, European and Global Index traders. This daily sheet provides a global perspective for trading international indices. It provides entries and exits for many of the major global indices. Click HERE to see an example.

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US Commodity Sector Daily Futures Sheets

Our model based overlay of the Intraday, Daily and Intermediate term technical studies. The Daily product is delivered as a Once a day product offering with technical comments provided by our strategist based on his interpretation of the model driven oscillators. The Sheet delivers commentary and levels such as Intraday Buy and Sell Levels, Daily Buy and Sell Levels and Weekly Buy and Sell Levels that can be used by shorter term and daily traders.

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Work one-on-one with Larry to gain that special edge. Learn specified trading skills from Larry's many years of experience. This is a coordinated through Trading Street's time keeper management software all online so you can access the learning experience from anywhere in the world. Fees are $200.00 per hour with a $500.00 deposit. REGISTER NOW!

Online Schedule

Visit with Larry Monday through Friday in the Trading Street Live Trading Lab from 9:30 am (ET - New York Time) to 11:30 am (ET - New York Time) and then again at the close from 3:30 pm (ET) until 4:15 pm (ET)

Also chat with Larry in the Chat Cafe Monday through Friday at 9:30 am (ET) until 11:30 am (ET)

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Trading Signals
Want to follow Larry's live trades as they happen in real time, then register for Trading Street's Signal Area service of Larry Hannula. Here you will receive within microseconds, on your NinjaTrader platform, the exact trades Larry is making in his real account. These are all mini contracts and Larry recommends $10,000 of equity for each mini. So, as an example if you want to trade 5 mini contracts with $50,000 of equity then you should order 5 signals. Price is $50 per month per signal. BUY NOW!
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