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Biography of Tony Wiedenheft

    Tony is one of our anchor Street People, and his unique story is typical of the folks you are going to meet here on Trading Street. He began his journey into the trading life in 2003 when a family health crisis demanded he raise some additional funds over and above what he was taking home as a Florida construction supervisor. A friend suggested he look at Forex as a means to an end, and after going to a live FX seminar in West Palm Beach, realized a new passion for trading. After 2 years of saving cash, he was $4K lighter, but in possession of a new system, one that he mastered in 2 months, to the extent that he could quit his construction job to trade full-time.

    Tony passionately traded for 8 months on his own, but soon found himself with 10 friends sitting in his den, all trading Forex together. In August of 2006 these folks became the first independent user group for 4X Made Easy, and in the spring of 2007 he was breaking ground on his working trading room, repurposing the literal word "Den", which became his properly-sized and fully equipped, at-home gathering place for his first real students. For 2 years, he had up to 60 people per week coming through his trading room. Known fondly as "Cubs", these folks all came to learn the system under his guidance at no additional cost to them. This is the atmosphere he has always fostered: a friendly, down-home, low-cost learning environment where the common denominator is always learning to trade successfully in a friendly group setting. The teacher is also the student, and learning is mutual and interactive.

    By 2009, corporate acquisition had made his association with 4X Made Easy untenable, and the LionsDen4X trading methods had moved beyond those very basic sets of indicators. This inspired Tony to begin the arduous process of programming his personal signals into a viable set of proprietary indicators, and to morph his trading technique into a formalized methodology.

    Known as "The Lionman", and now on his own, surrounded by his ever-present Cubs-in-training, he formally began the development of his LDMT course system. From October of 2009 until August of 2010, the "Trilogy" set of courses: LDMT Basic, LDMT Combo and the advanced LDMT Scalper LA – was born. In the meantime, programming began on the very technical Quad Trader R4, complete with 10,000 lines of code and the development of new proprietary algorithmic trade triggers which became the crown jewel in the LionsDen4X's treasure trove of superior indicators.

    We at Trading Street are extremely proud of our association with Mr. Wiedenheft and his Den concept – one that we find occupies the highest level of honest instruction for mastering the trading of spot FX. We are confident that once you discover the down-home and earthy ease with which he presents his material, his unwavering willingness to dedicate his time to your personal ability to learn to trade, the amount of information and trading skills a dedicated student will come away with, and the accuracy of his automated indicators … well, this is truly time and money WELL spent.

    If you are interested, please take the short questionnaire so that you can be properly placed into Tony's LDMT Basic Program, found HERE. Don't forget to check on his available introductory presentations found on his landing page on the following link.

LionsDen4X Courses

LDMT Trilogy “Plus-One” Trading System
For anyone that wants to learn to trade the Forex market or for any Forex trader who is trading the Forex but has not reached their goals yet. The LDMT Trilogy Plus-One Trading System (“YOUR PATH TO CONFIDENT TRADING”) may be exactly what a student of FX trading needs to succeed.

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This trading system was developed for traders by traders who actively trade the Forex market. The Lion’s Den Forex has put over three years of programming effort into this system with the results listed below. It has been battle-tested since 2009. The complete Trilogy is a three to four month course; depending on a student’s experience and abilities.

First level: LDMT Basic
This is a one to two month (depending on you) introductory module of the complete Trilogy course. You will learn how to move around the MT4 platform, how to put on a trade, how to read the charts, learn the alerts and ultimately how to trade the system. It also includes four to eight 1 hour weekly personal conference calls with the Lionman (Tony, your Den Master) and also you will have 24 hour Skype access to the Den available for any questions.

PRICE: $1,097 - Please note the LDMT Basic is the first in a series of 3 classes, it is the prerequisite for the Combo and Scalper LA - Please Click HERE to fill out the short entry test - Click HERE to purchase

Second level: LDMT Combo
With 30 to 60 days of Forex trading under the belt, students are ready for the next level: The LDMT combo. The Combo has been enhanced with 14 additional tools for your trading toolbox, over and above what is featured in the LDMT Basic, designed specially to help you understand and reach your trading goals. Some of these new features you will receive include the LDMT range info, projected highs and lows and how to put on pending trades. Also, a big feature is that the combo programming provides management of the trade for you once it is triggered. The LDMT combo class lasts 30 days. It includes four 1 hour weekly personal conferences with the Lionman and 24 hour Skype access to the Den for any questions.

PRICE: $1,097 - Please note the LDMT Combo is the second in a series of 3 classes, it is the prerequisite for the Scalper LA and you MUST have taken the LDMT Basic - Click HERE to purchase

Third level: LDMT Scalper LA
At this point the student has 60 to 90 days of Forex trading under their belt. By now, one should know what setups we are looking for in order to place a profitable trade, how to properly read the charts, and have an understanding of what the system alerts are trying to tell you. Now it is time to take your Forex trading to a whole new level. With the Scalper LA we now teach you how to trade the market in both directions, up and down. There are two different types of trades. One is a Scalp trade and the other is the Lion Attack Trade. The Lion Attack will add to your position as it moves in your direction. In the Scalper LA all trades will be auto-managed once they are triggered. The LDMT Scalper LA class lasts 30 days. It includes four 1 hour weekly personal conferences with the Lionman and 24 hour Skype access to the Den for any questions.

PRICE: $1,097 - Please note the LDMT Scalper is the third in a series of 3 classes, you MUST have successfully completed the LDMT Basic and LDMT Combo - Click HERE to purchase

In conclusion the LDMT Trilogy Plus One Trading System (“YOUR PATH TO CONFIDENT TRADING”) has been put thru its paces over the last four years. It has been kicked around, beat-up and still comes out on top. It would be a great addition to any trader’s toolbox. You may purchase the entire Trilogy in a single discounted payment.

If you are interested in the one price option just below, please take the short questionnaire so that you can be properly placed into Tony's LDMT Basic Program, found HERE.

LDMT Trilogy Course
PRICE: $2,997
– Includes the LDMT Basic, Combo and Scalper LA complete program and instruction – Click HERE to purchase

Final Level:  the Quad Trader R4
This ultimate topper for the LionsDen4X student is available only after the trader has completed the LDMT Trilogy course, and is not available as an otherwise stand-alone product. This is the “Plus-One” of the LDMT courses, or “Quad Trader R4”, and takes all components of the Trilogy and combines them into a single unified charting system. Once you’ve worked with The Lionman personally, as you will for many hours while progressing thru the LDMT Trilogy course material – you will be eligible for this culmination of his training program – which incorporates over 40 proprietary trade combinations, such as: the Box50 trade, the 4C Trade, the DAN Trade, and the AA Trade – all excellent proprietary execution protocol. The icing on the programming cake comes with the capability to place different QTR4 trades on a single currency pair chart – and EACH trade is independently managed for you simultaneously.

With this advanced programming and learning module, trade management and execution is fully automated – and your ability to understand the LionsDen’s technique will be complete. This advanced module, while not absolutely necessary to become a confident trader, does represent a “master’s level” of training over and above what you stand to learn from the Trilogy alone. It includes another 30 days of course material and another 4 weekly 1 hour personal conferences with the Lionman, along with a powerful set of unified indicators through which many of Lionsden4X’s Cubs are now using to successfully trade Forex in their own right every day.

PRICE: $1,997 complete with advanced programming and personal instruction - Click HERE to purchase

*NOTE: As mentioned in each description, there are personal conference calls included in each module. On Trading Street, there is also a convenient way to book additional private mentoring time with your instructor at a reasonable additional hourly cost. Please inquire with either your instructor or directly with Trading Street. Please be sure to mention the course descriptor with your inquiry.


Free Den Videos

Receive one-on-one mentoring with Tony Wiedenheft for additional help on any Lion's Den courses (more than what is included in the courses) or if maybe you would like Tony's guidance for your personal gain.

Price is $200 per hour tracked through Trading Street's exclusive time keeper software. A deposit of $500 is required. Click HERE to purchase

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Join Tony from The Lion's Den Monday Through Friday Live right here on Trading Street in the Live Trading Forex Lab (High Definition - Low Definition) at 4:00 am ET (US) 8:00 am (GMT)
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