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    Trading Street is pleased to partner with TradeFoxX whose mission is to clearly make your trading as hassle-free and as simple as possible while maintaining the “fun-factor”.  Their philosophy of great tools at an affordable entry point can turn everyday trading into a strategic and highly targeted execution plan for both manual and automatic preferences.  With robust planning and savvy talent, TradeFoxX is a trusted name for high end trading machines and software.

    They are at the same time, a company, a technology and a modern product made up of talented people whose love of trading and technology has led to their creating a vision of the future that is unique in the industry.  We know of very few firms who are as integrated into technology’s infrastructure yet sensitive to the needs of the everyday trader as TradeFoxX.  Their proprietary indicators, specialized unique computers and skilled support crew are all available to Trading Street members. 

    Get to know Tony Lopez and Aaron Hernandez along with other TradeFoxX support staff as they put solid, honest tools in your hands.   Arming the average trader with a kind of sniper-like accuracy that only the best professional traders have traditionally had access to, TradeFoxX will help you reach that next level of trading.  Learn solid money management techniques and marvel at a toolkit of strategies to put the fun back in trading.  As Tony Lopez, their chief programmer says:” if you only have three bullets in your trading rifle on a given day, they all have to hit their target to consider your hunting trip a success.  This is what we strive to bring to a trader day in and day out”.  This very select targeted trading is what their software strives to achieve. 

    TradeFoxX’s algorithmic trading systems virtually trade on their own, but are also for folks looking to participate in the decision-making process.  If you are a student of trading and have a trade-management mindset – as so many of Trading Street’s users do – then the superb entries their software provides are for you.  Their money-management rules are simple to follow, and will greatly aid in determining the best exit points for any and all traders’ risk management guidelines.

    The concept of a soup-to-nuts outfitting of a speculator in the Futures and Forex financial markets is the product of a team of computer engineers, mathematicians and of course financial experts as well as traders.  Their mission statement and primary goal is producing low-risk trading through the subtle combination of art, craft and science all rolled into an affordable and accessible model. 

    They have very reasonable price points, deliver worldwide, offer 24/7 support as well as free updates for the life of their products.  Their TradeFoxX Stations carry a 5 year warranty on their hardware and include labor on their computers.  Working with the NinjaTrader platform, and as a Ninja participating partner, TradeFoxX has a simple setup and a low barrier for entry into their new world of program-assisted trading with complete support for you, the Trading Street patron. 
Trading Hardware

TradeFoxX Intelligent Trading System™

Day Trading Logics Inc. and TradeFoxX™ Hardware Division has developed the fastest most reliable trading computers available in the market today. Each custom computer comes with a life time warranty, and a three year warranty on the screen.  TradeFoxX™ extreme performance computers use Solid State hard drives that offer ultra-fast transfer rates, for all types of programs. Benefit from faster Streaming of Live Market Data, from your exchange broker, Streaming Video of news gets a real boost, especially when with using multiple charts and data signal sources, and your reaction time increases with better visual detection and the speed.

TradeFoxX™ offers a comfortable 40 inches in high definition viewable area, same as having three 23 inch monitors, which is advisable as the least comfortable way to have a 2 Market session going on while trading.

The screen standards can be broken up as follows:

Three Screens Standard

Our desktop version can comes standard with a 40" monitor which is 680 square inches of view-able space.  This is 10% more space and 50% less energy consumption from using the traditional layout of three separate 23" inch screens. 

Upgrade to four screens

By upgrading to a 46" inch monitor there is 1040 square inches of

view-able space. This is 15% more view-able space and 50% less

energy consumption from using the traditional layout of four

separate 23" inch screens.

Buy the Standard all solid state 4" X 4" computer with a 40" screen with 3 months of TradeFoxX Intelligent Trading Software for $2,199.99

For those of you that prefer the traditional desktop but that with a 40" screen adn 3 months of software for $1,999.00

Upgrade to a 46" screen for an extra $200.00

Trading Software


TradeFoxX™ combines an arsenal of powerful futures trading tools in one complete system.

We use the latest technologies and have the best computer programmers who are constantly developing new methods to trade the markets. Day Trading Logics and TradeFoxX™ combine’s custom hardware solutions and proprietary automated trading software to provide the everyday trader with the most complete trading solution available in the market today.  Our centers are compromised of the latest custom trading computers, highly accurate proprietary software and professional traders that facilitate state of the art manual trading and automatic trading strategies that make substantial money trading in the Futures and Forex Trading markets.



Day Trading Logics Inc. and TradeFoxX™ is excited to announce its latest partnership with MicroTrends to introduce our TradeFoxx™

INTELLIGENT TRADER Features include:

• Trade Two Trailing Units with any number of Contracts.

• Set Profit and Trailing Stops to any style of Trading.

• Money Management for Safe Day IN and Day Out Trading

• Visual Trading Signals powered by MicroTrends advance Indicators.

• ATM Break Even Hedge Technology with adaptive stops.

• Independent Target Unit 1 and Target Unit 2 settings. " Small Profit and then big profit trailing

• Exit based on Retracement or bar time based. "Great for taking profit in one bar."

• Semi-Automatic and Automatic Trading with money management. "Great for controlling daily limits."

• Time control, taking a Break for "Lunch", Ending Friday Early. Bypassing Opening bell. Weekend control. Pre-Market Trading

• Trading Styles; Trend Trader, Micro Swing, Manual Trading in any Chart Time.

• Short Term Trading based on 24 hour clock. Manual Trading for Long term trades that are over 24 hour time.

• Price Range and ATR Signal entry and exit activators.

• Built in Trading Strategy for Short Term Trends and Counter Swings. Accuracy over 70% depending on your style.

• Works only on Ninja Trader which is $50 per month for beginners. Pay Directly to Ninja Trader

• Works with Futures, Stocks and Forex.

Buy a 1 year lease of Intelligent Trading System for $2,000.00

Or, buy a it buy the quarter for $500 for each 3 month period

Explanation Videos

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