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Stephen Vettorel - FXESTrader

    Trading Street is proud to have a professional of Mr. Vettorel’s caliber onboard. With nearly two decades of experience in capital raising, trading and institutional investment, this is a tremendous opportunity for our members to receive the knowledge of a real Pro.  Mr. Vettorel’s approachable demeanor with a straightforward technique fits all types of personalities. Like your favorite professor in school, he has “Teacher” coded to his DNA. Learning alongside him can literally change your life.

    Stephen, an graduate of Xavier University in finance, discovered real life trading initially by dropping his $5,000 in savings into the market right out of school. This wise investment in equity options parlayed into $60,000, and a trader was born. His practical work experience began on the Philadelphia based Fidelity Call Center and their option/equity trading desk where he quickly moved into portfolio management as his skills matured. 

    As his talent simmered in the corporate stew that a large investment firm develops, the two-time winner of Fidelity’s Presidents Circle award was recruited away by Ken Fisher, an influential investment analyst and founder of the prestigious money management– Fisher Investments – as regional VP. Here Stephen raised over $140 million for the firm in his first four years. In 2006 he founded Aumenti Capital Management, where he managed a $15 million long/short strategy hedge fund, his trading focusing on equities, futures and currencies – finally hitting his stride as principal of his own firm.

    Stephen, living by a great Ken Fisher quote: “In life there are roads leading to riches, and roads not. There’s nothing wrong with ones that don’t, but if you travel them you’ll go where they take you”, decided to circle back to his personal advisory roots and opened FXESTrader.com in 2012. The closing of his hedge fund is the gain of Trading Street and our members worldwide, as Steve has rededicated his skills to sharing his very special indicators and technique via his own firm, right here on the Street.

    While maintaining a presence in the world of High Net Worth financial planning, Stephen has graciously brought his educational firm to us, where he spends many hours each week personally instructing students in his very detailed trading technique.  He is offering a hands-on course, daily market analysis, and appearances in Trading Street’s live trading labs.  His special technical toolkit plus his personable and intelligent mentoring is on display at unbelievably reasonable rates. We urge you to look closer at this very special expert – where dedicated individuals can learn to “Trade Like a Professional Electronic Trader”.


Stephen’s Delta Trading System has been born from his many years as a professional trader and highly regarded money manager. His technique has been time-tested by seasoned pros in the institutional trading environment. Stephen made his success in the institutional side of the investment business and now offers his experience in a highly accessible format here on Trading Street.

His course is designed for anyone wishing to further their existing trading knowledge, and to take it to that next level. The course offering includes several sets of LIVE online one-on-one sessions with Stephen as well as some easy to follow pre-recorded lessons in online video format. There is excellent reading material to accompany the course highlighting the key points of Stephen’s Delta Trading System. Like any proper advanced course, tests are administered to provide the trading student with a “window” into their weaknesses thus reinforcing exactly where one must focus their learning attention in order to excel at the fine art of trading like a professional; which is Stephen’s goal every time he takes a student under his wing. Some of the highlights and benefits of signing for the Delta Trading System are below:

  • Learn everything you need to know about The Market Delta Footprint chart and Auction Market Theory/Market Profile: Day Types, Open Types, IB-days, Ranges, Volume, Singles, Ledges and Patterns.
  • Includes access to past classes recorded in HD; over 40 hours of recorded educational material.
  • Get 5 hours of one-on-one mentoring with Stephen; included in price of class.
  • See Market Delta Trader’s live DOM trading during class as well!
  • All Market Delta custom chart definitions and trade signals included!
  • Homework Sheet each morning with the day’s trade plan.
  • 1 FREE month access to Trading Street’s E-Mini Live Trading Lab!
  • Learn to read order flow on the Market Delta Footprint chart and its Order Imbalance Algorithm! This Algorithm can be purchased from Market Delta for $210 per month.
  • Additional live mentoring available by request.
  • Learn why the Globex (overnight session) auction is so important to know before the open (RTH).
  • Learn the best 10+ trade set-ups on Market Delta /Footprint, for the ES and 6E (Euro Fx) contracts.
  • Watch trades unfold and see firsthand what set–ups to take.
  • A simple and straight forward path to trading consistently!
  • All teaching will be done in our live online room.
  • We use DTN Iqfeed, CQG to feed data to Market Delta Pro Charts/Trader - you can get pricing for everything at the following links – Market Delta, DTN Iqfeed, CQG.

Read Stephen’s “Path to Consistent Trading Profitability

This course is for someone that already has some futures and future options trading experience.  There is a very serious time commitment required and a lot of interaction with Stephen so, he wants to make sure he will provide you with the proper direction and education.  Before you purchase please contact Stephen to discuss your goals and expectations - HERE.

Once you purchase you will receive several emails with directions.

Click HERE to register NOW!                                     $975.00


Work one-on-one with Stephen for additional help from his trading course or if you just need that extra edge from a professional trader. Learn from Stephen's many years of trading skills and experience. This is a coordinated through Trading Street's time keeper management software all online so you can access the learning experience from anywhere in the world. Fees are $200.00 per hour with a $500.00 deposit. REGISTER NOW!

Online Schedule
Join Stephen in the E-Mini Live Trading Lab Monday through Friday at 11:00 am until Noon Eastern US Time
Trading Signals
Coming Soon! Stephen will soon be offering his live trading signals direct from his real trading account.
"To Use a Stop or Not...That is The Question" by Stephen Vettorel
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