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What was "your father's" commodity trading back in the day? Probably having an account with a firm with a special pit broker who had the "inside scoop" on what the pros were looking to do that day – and it was usually based on weather, the price of feed, import/export demand, transportation costs, and all of those everyday cause and effect dynamics we learned about in school.

Physical futures trading exists in cities around the world, but evidence suggests that ancient Persia and China may have offered their versions of trading in goats, pigs and sheep for the earliest form of commoditized money, or tokens representing future payment promised for delivery. Modern trade in commodity futures can be traced back to 17th century Japan, but organized trading really began in 1848 with the establishment of the Chicago Board of Trade. Pit trading, via open outcry, is where and how "liquidity" was brought into play as speculators traded side by side with brokers representing both the users of the physical commodities traded, and the investors looking to put their capital to work in their industries.

Our modern electronic trading can be done on a wide variety of platforms, and clients now have reliable and around the clock access to global electronic and outcry markets. Trading Street Commodity Labs bring you educators and experts trading in any or all the physical commodities not listed as our featured asset classes. They may specialize in futures or options in grains – or the so-called "softs" such as coffee, sugar, cotton or juice – or possibly meats, including live cattle, pork bellies and lean hogs.

Come in and experience a link to the oldest organized trading on the planet, and learn from the best!

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