Daily US Market Guide

This daily market guide is designed for day traders or anyone interested in the US stock indices market movements. The guide provides market direction for 5 different time frames in the form of arrows indicating potential market direction in that period.  There is also a probably attached to each time frame indicating the percentage risk of the market changing its direction.  These risk factors are calculated based on key technical analysis figures at the close of each trading session.  All support and resistance levels are calculated from chart patterns in each time frame.

The commentary associated with the guide each day is meant to provide observations by the analyst for which quantitative projections cannot be assessed.  Between the guide and the commentary any trader should have a very good sense of market direction each day.

Example of how to read the Guide:

The 15 minute “Time Frame Trend” arrow is pointed sideways (→) and the “Probability of Direction Change” is 35%; this means the market in the 15-time frame will move between the support and resistance numbers in the guide but has a probability of 35% to break out of that range.  The commentary then should give you the direction bias if it were to break out.

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